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Interview for the FemDomme Society

What better way to start off the month, then with another glimpse into My Fabulous Life and into My thoughts & philosophies. Now you’ll be happy to know that I’ve been a member of the for some time now, and I am moving up in ranks. For those of you who are ignorant to what is FDS - it is a Society dedicated to Female Supremacy, and I quote: “The Fem Domme Society is founded upon the function of a slave-holding, Matriarchal controlled way of life. Fem Domme Society is governed by the principle that Women are always and in every way Superior to the inferior male creature…” Oh I know, all you little bitches with submissive tendencies are now squealing with excitement, and wanting to know more. Well lucky for you, you too can join & become a part of FDS. Click here and sign up - I expect you to provide My FDS Member ID: 39873 as your reference! Do it now! Once you’ve signed up, I encourage you to take your ass over to the sub and/or sissy University (IF you’re a Domme there is a Domme University for you too!) and complete the training. Who knows, you might learn something, i.e. how to improve yourself for the benefit of your Goddess, be more then just a stroke addicted wanker looking for  a quick fix. Learn more about the lifestyle and whether it would suit you - it’s not for everyone; or at least you may find it enlightening - there is a whole other world out there that you may not been aware of…

Once again, thank Me for I am so generous and I keep allowing you to know more, and more about Me. Of course it only makes sense, since, as I’ve said before - My favorite subject to discuss is Moi. And whenever I feel like allowing you another glimpse into who I am, I do. HERE it is An Interview with : GODDESS MIDNIGHT Read it, and learn more about who I am, and what I think. Enjoy!

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